Can’t I just adjust myself?

Should You Crack Your Own Back?

A common question that many people ask me is “can’t I just adjust myself” or “can I crack my own back”? The simple answer is No! Not even a chiropractor can adjust themselves. Before I adjust any of my patients, I always take a detailed exam to properly ensure that the correct joint is being adjusted. Think about this: the bones in your back and neck can be misaligned in a variety of ways. They can actually move in more than 12 different directions. Chiropractors are specialized in diagnosing which bones are “stuck” in the wrong place and how to properly adjust it back into its proper position. If you adjust your own back and neck, you might actually be moving it further out of position.

So why does it feel so amazing when you adjust yourself, you may wonder? Anytime you deliver an adjustment to the body, natural endorphins are being released, which makes you feel good. These endorphins last in the blood stream for 15-20 minutes, which is why you might feel the need to adjust yourself again after this time. When a chiropractor delivers an adjustment, not only are they releasing your natural endorphins, they are properly re-aligning your spine, which in turn moves toward fixing the problem.
The next time you think about adjusting your own body, think twice. You might actually be making the problem worse!

If you’ve got pain, maybe it’s time to come see a chiropractor.