How to do the Cat Cow Exercise

Cat Cow Pose and Stretchcat cow pose stretch

I’m going to teach you how to do Cat Cow. Cat Cow is a really nice stretch to open up the chest, and stretch out the back muscles and the abdominal muscles at the same time. It’s really good to open up the diaphragm, as well. So here’s Cat Cow. You get on all fours, so that your knees are right underneath your hips and your hands are right underneath your shoulders. Remember how important it is to have those three C shaped curves in your spine. So I don’t want you to drop your head down and I don’t want you to look up too much. Just basically keep a neutral spine with those three nice curves in there.

We’re going to go into the Cow portion first. So you dropped your belly and you look up, and as you do this, you take a deep breath in. And then we’re going to go into Angry Cat, where you round your back, you bring your chin to your chest, and you stretch out that back and you exhale. And then inhale. And exhale. Inhale. And exhale. And that’s Cat Cow. Do a few rounds of that, as many as you like, 10 to 20. It’s a nice stretch to warm up the front and back body.