Fernwood, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

A small but very attractive neighborhood in the greater Victoria region, Fernwood has a lot to offer if you’re someone looking to have a good time. You can start the day by visiting the Parsonage Cafe. It’s famous for sandwiches, bacon, and bagels. Next, you can visit the ‘Wish Tree’ where the locals and travellers leave a wish on one of its branches – we don’t know if they come true but it’s a fun activity to do with friends.

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Next, you can hang around in the Community Orchard – it’s open to all so no need to worry about getting stopped by someone. Then you can visit Mesa Familiar to eat delicious tacos or head to Standard Pizza for their mouthwatering pizzas.

Royal Athletic Park

Although it’s named as a ‘park’, it’s a fully lit, multi-purpose stadium with natural grass and a pavilion area. It is a playing and practice space for many visiting and local teams. Royal Athletic Park has been used since the early 1900s as a playing field.

It has a massive capacity and can host up to 10,000 people at once. The park hosts several sports events and is home to the Victoria Harbour Cats baseball team. Local soccer and football teams also use the park to practice and play.

Although it’s mostly used for sports, the park also hosts several special events such as the annual music festival called Rifflandia as well as the Great Canadian Beer Festival.

The Royal Athletic Park stays open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year which means anyone can visit whenever they like.

If you like swimming, you can also head to the nearby Crystal Pool & Fitness Center, which is located inside the Central Park adjacent to the Royal Athletic Park.

There are many dining areas and cafes in close proximity so you can even plan a complete day out with friends hanging out in the park and then going out for something to eat and ending at one of the local bars in the area.

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Driving Directions: Continue on Caledonia Avenue until Cook Street where you’ll take a left. Go up Cook St until you hang a right on Bay Street. Go down Bay Street until Cedar Hill Rd where you’ll turn left. Turn right onto Ryan Street right after the Jewish Cemetary on your left.  A couple minutes up the road and you’ll hit the Victoria School for Ideal Education.

Driving Directions from Royal Athletic Park, Victoria, BC to Victoria School for Ideal Education, Victoria, BC

Driving Directions from Royal Athletic Park, Victoria, BC to Mind Body Spine, Victoria, BC