Headaches and what causes them

Headache and Migraine Causes

Headaches seem to be a common problem in today’s society. More than half of my patients suffer from headache and migraine symptoms. Did you know that a large majority of headache and migraine symptoms are actually due to problems in the neck? Studies have shown that forward head posture and weakness in the neck musculature can refer pain to the head. They also show that adjusting the spine can have a significant positive effect in reducing the number of hours and intensity of the headache. It has even proven to work so well, that many people decrease their consumption of headache medication after undergoing a trial of chiropractic care! (1) Correcting problems in the neck should also be combined with specialized exercises, that we teach at our office, to reduce any chance of recurrence.

(1) J. Manipulative Physiol. Ther. 1997 June;20(5):326-330.