Top 5 Superfoods to Help You Look and Feel Young

Incorporate These Superfoods Into Your Diet

Everywhere I look these days I notice products claiming to make you look and feel younger. We live in a society that wants to minimize any and all impacts of aging whether it be our physical appearance on the outside or how we feel on the inside. The bottom line is, it seems most people out there really value youth. And who can blame them!

I am a big believer that food can help fight off disease and add years to your life. Here is a list of 5 easy to find Superfoods that can help you look and feel younger:

  1. Jicama – A root vegetable that can help improve the look of your skin due to the Vitamin C content. Vitamin C boosts collagen production which can help improve the texture of you skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  2. Sunchokes (Jerusalem Artichokes) – These are a good source of mineral and electrolytes especially potassium, copper and iron. These nutrients can reduce blood pressure and heart rates and they can also help improve the appearance of under eye circles.
  3. Fish Oil – Fish oil contains Omega 3 fats that have been shown to decrease the risk of heart and vascular problems. It has also been shown to improve skin softness, texture and appearance and also support brain development and function.
  4. Kale – This is an excellent source of Vitamins A, C and K and calcium. It is also high in lutein and contains beta carotene which can help improve skin elasticity and firmness. This vegetable has been shown to help do many things from fighting against some cancers and free radicals to improving eye health.
  5. Sunflower Seed Butter – This is high in Vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, folate, copper, zinc and iron. The oil in sunflower seeds is mainly unsaturated and contains phytosterols that can reduce cholesterol.