Total Body Chiropractic Care

Research studies have found that there are approximately 35 million office visits to chiropractors in Canada each year. Victoria Chiropractor Dr. Stephanie Louie is noticing some growing trends among chiropractors. An increasing number of people are experiencing total body care, with chiropractors who specialize in understanding and treating components of the spine, including the bone structure, muscles and nerves.

Dr. Louie is finding that often chiropractic adjustments, intended to realign the spine, can improve other issues in one’s health. Correcting the spine’s alignment can release pressure on one’s nerves, and allow messages to flow through the body unobstructed.

The spine is key to the central nervous system,sending messages from the brain,essentially the control centre, to the rest of the body including nerves and organs.

“The central nervous system controls every aspect of the body,” explains Dr. Louie. “For example, when I treat a misaligned neck, it’s not unusual for patients to tell me they experience improved mental clarity.”

It’s also not uncommon for people to have relief of constipation or congestion after clearing out these information roadblocks.

Further, “chiropractors are seeing a movement toward people seeking out natural health care measures instead of drugs or surgery,” Dr. Louie says. “Those experiencing lower back pain are now picking up the phone to call a chiropractor and not simply reaching for a bottle of pain relievers.”

People of all ages are seeking chiropractic care.  Dr. Louie sees entire families, from the youngest tooldest member. Her youngest patients are infants – the birthing process is traumatic for many babies, so their mothers bring them in for adjustments. Adjustments to the middleback region, where nerves go to the digestive organs,can help babies be less gassy. Before the baby gets born, Dr.Louie provides prenatal chiropractic care to help pregnant mothers carry their babies with less discomfort.

Chiropractors are relying more on technology. At her Victoria chiropractic practice, Dr. Louie starts every new patient visit with a wellness exam, using state-of-the-art technology to get to the root of the problem. By determining where the problem exists, she can prescribe a full-body treatment regimen that includes exercise, nutrition, stretching or yoga, in addition to receiving adjustments. “It’s about one’s expectations of daily living and the types of activities they want to be up for doing, such as traveling, playing with grandchildren, participating in sports, and so on. If you don’t actually deal with the problem now, it may become worse and further limit one’s mobility.”

“By taking this total body perspective and educating my patients, they can then be active in their own therapy and healing,” Dr. Louie says. “This is a unique approach that is extremely empowering for patients, some of whom may have felt helpless to their back pain.”