Saanich, British Columbia

Saanich is located just 3 km of from Victoria, BC and is a seaside community of the Capital Regional District Saanich has a population of close to 114,148 people, out of which, 86% are English-speaking, 8.5% speak French and the remaining include other languages. There are so many fun things to do in Saanich but if you are looking for beautiful blue waters, there are numerous parks along the scenic shoreline with beaches that extend between Alberni Street and View Royal.

Hang out at East Mill Bay Park or Mount Douglas Beach where you can indulge in some beach activities like swimming, kayaking or even just some casual sunbathing. This stunning blue-green water is only a hop, skip and a jump away.

Saanich Municipal Hall

This building is where all municipal records are kept. The Central Saanich Municipal Hall, located on Vernon Avenue is recognized as one of the architectural marvels built in early 1965. Until 1984, it housed several local government offices for Saanich including the town hall, fire department, police department, and County Clerk.

The Hall is open from Monday to Friday between 8.30 am 4.30 pm. There are a lot of activities you can do here throughout the year – from track and field to community events and concerts. The Saanich Parks, Recreation, and Community Services Department hosts many outstanding musical events including concerts and drama productions.

City Hall is working to enhance public services in Saanich. There are programs for all ages including Playzone which helps kids when they need it most.

The Municipal City Hall also features two art galleries with various artworks including historic sceneries. You can find the gallery on the first floor. You can also find art programs on the second floor with exhibits, lectures, and discussions on all aspects of art.

You will not get bored at the boring sounding “municipal hall”. They’ve got lots of fun social activities which are especially great if you’ve got kids as they’ll learn a great deal about history, art and culture.


Driving Directions: From Saanich Municipal Hall, hop on the Pat Bay Highway and get off at Tillicum Rd and you’ll find yourself at the Tillicum Shopping Centre.


Gorge -Tillicum Area in Victoria, BC

Tillicum is a serene place with a tranquil atmosphere, a few kilometers from the main part of the city. While in the Gorge-Tillicum area, you can enjoy a scenic drive that offers views of the valley and the mountain. A day trip to the Tillicum area is a great way to unwind after a long day of work. Located just outside Victoria proper, this beautiful area offers a perfect escape from the city. If you like water activities, you’ll love the fact that the Gorge waterway runs through much of the Tillicum-Gorge area.

The area is packed with fabulous parks including the Japanese Gardens and the Cuthbert Holmes Park.

If you’re not into strolling through parks, grab your kayak and set it down in the water right in Esquimalt Gorge Park.


Tillicum Centre Shopping Mall

Located at the intersection of Burnside and Tillicum Roads in Victoria BC, the Tillicum Centre is a very walkable mall with over 476,000 square feet of enclosed retail space.  This indoor shopping mall houses a variety of stores including a travel store, a liquor store, London Drugs and of course, coffee shops for your morning cup o’ Joe.

The Tillicum Centre has everything you need! Store Hours are Monday through Sunday, 10 am–8 pm. Tillicum Centre has over 50 stores, home-based businesses, and restaurants to enjoy.

Don’t forget looking forward to weekly live shows featuring local singers/musicians along with numerous special events throughout the year for family entertainment – fun activities that will truly provide memories long remembered. Only 10 minutes from downtown Victoria, the Tillicum Centre is very accessible via bike, transit, or your own vehicle.

The center also features a movie theatre and various dining options, which make it a great place to gather with friends and family.

Whether you are travelling by foot or vehicle – Tillicum Centre is conveniently located only a few minutes from many other nearby attractions.

Driving Directions:
Back in your car, if you go back onto Tillicum Street and grab the #1 highway, you can get to View Royal pretty quickly. After about 7-8 minutes on the Trans Canada Highway, get off on Helmcken, take a right on Pheasant Lane and then a left on Burnett Rd and you’ll be at the View Royal Fire Department.

Here’s a link to a map showing you how to get from Tillicum Centre to the View Royal Fire Department.


View Royal, British Columbia

With a population of 10,858 residents, View Royal is a town in the Greater Victoria Region. Since it is surrounded by water from two sides, there are a variety of travellers who visit this View Royal to explore its natural beauty. You will find a lot of sea-related activities such as kayaking, boating, and fishing here. And of course, since its almost surrounded by water, you’ll find many beaches and parks by the water including Portage Park and Helmcken Centennial Park.

There are various parks located near the View Royal area including the Portage Park with decent tracks for walking and running. Visit the West Shore Recreational Centre which offers a range of recreational facilities including skating, swimming and curling as well as a weight room.

View Royal Fire Department

The View Royal Fire Department has one of the fastest response times in the whole Victoria region. They’re also one of the oldest departments to operate in the View Royal area and are well-connected with the local citizens. The fire department keeps tight control over safety hazards in the area and ensures every resident and business is following the municipal codes to the letter. This is one of the reasons the View Royal Fire Department has such a shiny record.

However, they are not just there to deal with fires. They also hold educational meetings to provide the public with necessary fire prevention knowledge. They also assist with complex rescues whether on land or in the water, while also dealing with medical emergencies.

In an emergency, they typically send out the Fire and Rescue teams with at least one ambulance available for transporting victims to hospitals within twenty minutes from dispatch to the Victoria General Hospital.

The View Royal Fire Department is located on Island Hwy Rd, not far from the Fort Victoria RV Park.

Driving Directions: From the View Royal Fire Department, head southeast on Island Hwy/BC-1A E until it changes into Craigflower Rd. Follow Craigflower Rd and it will change into Skinner St. From there, turn right onto Catherine Street and then take a left on Esquimalt Rd and you’ll arrive at the Vic West Skatepark in Victoria West.


Victoria West

Commonly known as Vic West, it’s an historic neighbourhood on Vancouver Island, inside the city of Victoria. This area has water on three sides and is just a bridge away from downtown Victoria. There are lots of recreational activities to do here including swimming, cycling or just walking around the neighbourhood or inside one of its parks. Victoria West has a population of a little over 8,200 people where most have a median age of 40-45.

Since it’s by the water, you’ll find hotels, restaurants and bars with beautiful views. One such hotel is the Delta Hotel by Marriot Victoria.

If you’re a dog person, you’ll love the fact that Victoria West is home to the Songhees Hilltop Dog Park. And if your pooch likes the water, take him with you down to the Victoria International Marina, located just down the street from the dog park.

Vic West Skate Park

The Vic West Skate Park is located on Esquimalt Rd and has a massive 35000 sq ft area which makes it one of the biggest skate parks in the region. The park has a huge street course with a range of obstacles including different sizes of rails, stairs, ledges, transition elements, plaza section, and a 7ft capsule bowl with exit and entry points.

The west area of the park was also remodeled in 2016 which significantly boosted the appeal of the area. What’s more interesting about it is that it stays open 24-hours a day and 365 days a year, providing the Vic West youth with a massive space to skate and have a good time.

There’s also a possibility that the Vic West Skate Park get further upgrades as the youth of the locality actively use it during their leisure time. There are picnic areas, family benches, and tracks placed around the park. Towards the far end of the park, you can see the small body of the ocean that is connected to Rock Bay; another great place for a picnic. The gist is that the Vic West Skate Park is not just for the young blood, people of all age groups can visit here and have a great time.

Driving Directions: Continue along Esquimalt Rd over the Johnson Street Bridge until you get to the Patricia Bay Highway. Turn left on Blanshard and you’ll see Topaz Park on your right 2km up the road.

Quadra Area

Quadra is a popular neighborhood in Victoria, British Columbia. This part of town has many businesses including employment agencies, pre-schools, clothing stores, restaurants and more. Quadra Street is rich in color. There are many unique boutiques, bars, and cafes to check out – some with wicker furniture and evergreen plants…it’s like an oasis! Quadra features over 30 shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

There are lots of attractions in the area including Quadra Village which is surrounded by parks and playgrounds. The area features restaurants, an event pavilion, kids’ play space, and more. There are various fun activities to do right at Quadra Street including Boulderhouse Climbing where you can take your kids to spend their time climbing colourful rocks. Also in the area is Topaz Park which has hiking trails and places to sit and relax for when you’re all tired out.

Topaz Park

It’s the third-largest park in Victoria so you can imagine how huge it might be. You can head to Topaz Park to have a picnic, explore the hiking trails, take in some amazing views of Vancouver, rest outdoors and even bring your dog! There are also a few playgrounds that kids can play at. Since it’s conveniently located right inside the city, it provides a nice break from the workday.

What distinguishes Topaz Park from its surrounding green spaces are these beautiful boulders that stretch along amazing trails. The view is spectacular! If you’re a fan of sports and like to engage in fun and fit activities then Topaz Park has a lot of adventure waiting for you. It features four sports fields, a lacrosse box, and baseball diamonds, so you can have a good time with your friends and family.

There’s also a dog off-leash area that lets your four-footed furry friends have some fun as well! The park also has neat and clean washrooms for your convenience. And there’s a free fitness area where you can lift some weights or do some cardio surrounded by nature.

There are plenty of fun activities to engage in at Topaz Park and if you’re lucky, you may even come across an event or concert as the park is frequently used for such gatherings.

Driving Directions: From Topaz Park, get back on the Pat Bay Highway until you hit Finlayson St. Turn right and then another right on Quadra until you hit Caledonia Ave where you’ll turn left. Royal Althletic Park will be on your left hand side bordering Cook St.

Here are the driving directions via Google Maps:


Fernwood, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

A small but very attractive neighborhood in the greater Victoria region, Fernwood has a lot to offer if you’re someone looking to have a good time. You can start the day by visiting the Parsonage Cafe. It’s famous for sandwiches, bacon, and bagels. Next, you can visit the ‘Wish Tree’ where the locals and travellers leave a wish on one of its branches – we don’t know if they come true but it’s a fun activity to do with friends.

Next, you can hang around in the Community Orchard – it’s open to all so no need to worry about getting stopped by someone. Then you can visit Mesa Familiar to eat delicious tacos or head to Standard Pizza for their mouthwatering pizzas.

Royal Athletic Park

Although it’s named as a ‘park’, it’s a fully lit, multi-purpose stadium with natural grass and a pavilion area. It is a playing and practice space for many visiting and local teams. Royal Athletic Park has been used since the early 1900s as a playing field.

It has a massive capacity and can host up to 10,000 people at once. The park hosts several sports events and is home to the Victoria Harbour Cats baseball team. Local soccer and football teams also use the park to practice and play.

Although it’s mostly used for sports, the park also hosts several special events such as the annual music festival called Rifflandia as well as the Great Canadian Beer Festival.

The Royal Athletic Park stays open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year which means anyone can visit whenever they like.

If you like swimming, you can also head to the nearby Crystal Pool & Fitness Center, which is located inside the Central Park adjacent to the Royal Athletic Park.

There are many dining areas and cafes in close proximity so you can even plan a complete day out with friends hanging out in the park and then going out for something to eat and ending at one of the local bars in the area.

Driving Directions: Continue on Caledonia Avenue until Cook Street where you’ll take a left. Go up Cook St until you hang a right on Bay Street. Go down Bay Street until Cedar Hill Rd where you’ll turn left. Turn right onto Ryan Street right after the Jewish Cemetary on your left.  A couple minutes up the road and you’ll hit the Victoria School for Ideal Education.


About Oaklands, Canada

Oaklands is a 25-minute drive from the city of Sydney BC. It’s bordered by Shelbourne, Haultain, Cook and North Dairy Rd. This part of Victoria has lots of small businesses, schools and churches. The area is popular because it’s very central and close to all amenities and not far from the major highways.

The neighbourhood is full of beautiful parks including Oaklands Park and Oswald Park. Home to the Hillside Shopping Centre, where you’ll find everything you need under one roof, from Sport Chek to Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire.

Victoria School for Ideal Education

The Victoria School for Ideal Education, operating since 1988 is one of the earliest independent schools in Victoria offering outstanding education to children from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. The school is known for its well-maintained discipline and curriculum that focuses on deep learning skills. The Curriculum at the school begins with preschool which prepares children for success in Kindergarten because of their enhanced cognitive, social/emotional, motor abilities as well as physical health.

The school also focuses on meditation for kids. The sessions are practiced at the start and end of every academic day. They teach kids the ways of Transcendental Meditation, which is an easy way to meditate which helps kids stay calm and focused throughout their time in school. This kind of meditation also helps with cognitive reasoning which pairs well with academic subjects.

Children are taught to be positive and think outside the box – outside of what is normal for their age group.

There is no doubt that the Victoria School for Ideal Education is setting the standard for other schools around Victoria.


Driving Directions: Leaving the Victoria School for Ideal Education, head south on Belmont Ave toward Ryan Street. Turn right on Ryan Street and then another right on Cedar Hill Rd and then right again on Feltham Rd. Next take a left on Lambrick way and you’ll run into the Gordon Head Recreation Centre.

Here’s the link to Google Maps showing you how to get to the Gordon Head Recreation Centre from the Victoria School for Ideal Education:

About Gordon Head, Victoria

Gordon Head is a seaside neighbourhood in the municipality of Saanich in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a small locality but there’s a good number of amenities to be found here such as the MT Douglas Market for all of your grocery needs. There are also lots of good parks including Lambrick Park that also has a tennis court, and Blair Park that has its own basketball courts, so if you’re ever in the mood of shooting some hoops, you know where to go.

For those who enjoy a walk, there are plenty of nice walking trails to be found here such as the MT Douglas Park that also connects to the beach so you can go down there and relax on the sand after a long hike.

Gordon Head Recreation Centre

In case you wanted to do some recreational activities, Gordon Head Recreation Centre is the place for you. It’s open throughout the week from 6am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 6am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday. It has basketball courts, swimming pools, massage therapy and rehabilitation centres, and fitness spaces.

There are also pools in Gordon Head that you should check out if you’re looking to cool off during summer. There’s a lot more to do here if you’re looking to have some quality time with friends and family or even alone; the Gordon Head Recreation Centre has something for everybody.

There are many activities for kids too including play areas, horseback riding camp, and science camp to name a few. You can also purchase a gift card for a specific activity and give it to your loved ones.

You’ll also find several events being held here including concerts, theatres, art galleries, and more. So maybe on your next visit, you can go see what new things are happening.

Driving Directions: Leaving Gordon Head Recreation Centre going to Camosun College Interurban Campus, follow Lambrick Way and Feltham Rd to Cedar Hill Rd. Then turn right on McKenzie Ave until Carey Rd where you’ll turn righ again. Veer off to Interurban Rd and stay on that road for about 1km and you’ll reach Interurban Campus

About Royal Oak, Victoria

Royal Oak is one of the calmest neighbourhoods in Victoria and is located just a few minutes away from Saanich. The Roal Oak features various scenic locations like Layritz Park and Quick’s Bottom Park where you can have a family picnic or go for your routine morning walks. There’s also plenty of shopping areas nearby where you can head after your morning walk or evening drive to catch up with friends.

The neighbourhood encompasses a Broadmead Village Shopping Centre where you can spend time shopping for groceries or just stop by to get something quick for lunch.

Camosun College (Interurban Campus)

Located in beautiful Victoria BC, the Camosun College Interurban Campus is the hub of events in the Royal Oak area. The campus features hundreds of academic programs to fit the needs of virtually every student ranging from Arts & Humanities to Business, Technology, and Science, etc. Besides its wonderful academics, the community-based extra-curricular activities at Camosun College provide many opportunities for students to meet up with friends, go haying, or just simply have a taste of what it’s like being on campus life.

Their recreational center provides recreational and fitness facilities that include swimming, racquetball courts, weights room/ gymnasium with a multitude of weight equipment, and cardio machines. Moreover, they’ve got designated smoking areas, various types of parking lots including for the disabled, and carpools. They even have e-bike charging stations to ensure their students can easily commute to and from the college on their electric bikes.

The Camosun College is a great place to study, make friends and improve the overall quality of life. It allows students to immerse themselves in a strong classroom setting with the help of innovative approaches such as blended learning and adaptive courses. It’s also affordable and donations can be arranged for deserving candidates as well.

Driving Directions to get to Mind Body Spine: From Camosun College Interurban Campus heading towards Mind Body Spine Chiropractor in Victoria BC, take Interurban Rd until Columbine Way where you’ll make a left. Then take a right turn on Carey Rd until you see the Gateway Village. You’ll find Mind Body Spine at 308-771 Vernon Ave inside the Gateway Village.