Bird Dog Exercise Tutorial – Part 3

Bird Dog Exercise – Part 3

This is the third step to bird dog. You can see that I’m up right now and you’ve mastered step one. You mastered step two. Now we can put it all together while you’re standing. So while

How to do the Bird Dog Exercise - Part 3

you’re on a step, use a stair and then you’ll have the railing there if you need support. You bring your right arm up, you bring your left leg up, and you bring them towards each other. Justlike that. Okay? You do the other side too. Left leg or left arm, right leg. And once you’ve mastered this, you try to hover your foot off the step. So you’re actually not stepping down and you’re just hovering on one leg.

Takes a bit of coordination, it takes a bit of balance. Make sure you do the other side as well, just like that. Now once you can do this without any problem, the full movement would be to step down with your left leg and bring it towards your right elbow, just like this. And then we want to switch sides. I would do 10 to 15 repetitions of this. If you could do three sets, one to two times a day, that’s going to help you mobilize your lower back, your pelvis, which can also help stabilize low back and pelvis, relieving a lot of pain. So that is the third and final step of bird dog.