Meet Dr. Louie

About Dr. Stephanie Louie

Dr. Stephanie Louie with her dog Bubba

My journey began as a student of human biology and kinetics, learning how the body works and moves. As a family chiropractor in Victoria, I combine that knowledge with therapeutic techniques that help people live healthier lives.

Who I care for

My chiropractic practice is designed to help pregnant moms, babies, kids, seniors — in other words, the whole family!

Success Stories

staying active as you age

The biggest reward I get from my chiropractic practice is the transformation I see in my clients. Hear from a few in their own voice about how they are using chiropractic care to reach their healthcare goals.

Questions & Answers

Mind Body Spine patient room

Got a question about chiropractic care, spinal disc therapy or spinal-focused exercise and nutrition? Check out these FAQs.

Giving Back

Victoria is more than home — it’s my community. Here are some of the small ways I try to give back to the community that has enabled me to get to where I am today.