Chest Opener Stretch Tutorial


How to do the Chest Opening Stretch

Because we spend much of our lives in front of our phones, texting, or in front of a computer, you can see what that’s doing to Katelyn’s posture. It’s taking the curve out of her neck, and hunching her shoulders forward. So in order to counteract that, we’ll teach you how to do an opening, to open up the chest. A stretch to open up the chest. So Katelyn is going to put the phone down, get into good posture, bring the chin up, and then she’s going to grab her hands or her wrist behind her back to stretch out her chest or pec muscles, and rolling her shoulders back without arching her back. She’s going to pull her wrists down, or away from her, to increase the stretch. So if you want to increase the stretch, pull your arms away from you. There you go. If you turn around and put your back towards us, you can see her shoulder blades are coming together. Do this stretch and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds, multiple times a day.