Crawl Exercise for your Core

Core Crawl Exercise

how to do the core crawl exerciseThis exercise is the crawl exercise. It’s an abdominal exercise that not just works out your ab muscles, but also works on coordination as well. There’s three progressions and we’ll just start with the first one. You might think it’s easy to start out with, but wait till you get to the end. So we’ll start off with our hands right under our shoulders and our knees right under our hips. You want to have a nice neutral spine so that your head isn’t tipped up or lowered down too much, just a nice neutral spine. As you move your left hand forward, you’re going to move your right knee forward. So it’s a crawl, and then you move back. So it’s opposite arm and opposite leg. You’re going to engage your core the whole time. And you’re going to try to maintain a nice stable torso so that you’re not wobbling all over the place.

Now, if you find that easy, go up onto your toes so that your knees are hovering right above the mat and do the same. Crawl forward, and back. Crawl forward, and back. And try as much as you can to keep that core torso, what I want to say is, quiet, meaning it doesn’t move and tilt too much. Now, if you find this easy, the third progression is to do a push-up. So you crawl and push-up, and back up, and back. Next leg and, push-up, and up. Try to maintain a nice neutral spine. And that’s crawling, really good for the abdominal muscles, really good for coordination.