About Gordon Head, Victoria

Gordon Head is a seaside neighbourhood in the municipality of Saanich in Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It’s a small locality but there’s a good number of amenities to be found here such as the MT Douglas Market for all of your grocery needs. There are also lots of good parks including Lambrick Park that also has a tennis court, and Blair Park that has its own basketball courts, so if you’re ever in the mood of shooting some hoops, you know where to go. More about Vic here.

For those who enjoy a walk, there are plenty of nice walking trails to be found here such as the MT Douglas Park that also connects to the beach so you can go down there and relax on the sand after a long hike.

Gordon Head Recreation Centre

In case you wanted to do some recreational activities, Gordon Head Recreation Centre is the place for you. It’s open throughout the week from 6am to 10pm Monday to Friday and 6am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday. It has basketball courts, swimming pools, massage therapy and rehabilitation centres, and fitness spaces.

There are also pools in Gordon Head that you should check out if you’re looking to cool off during summer. There’s a lot more to do here if you’re looking to have some quality time with friends and family or even alone; the Gordon Head Recreation Centre has something for everybody.

There are many activities for kids too including play areas, horseback riding camp, and science camp to name a few. You can also purchase a gift card for a specific activity and give it to your loved ones.

You’ll also find several events being held here including concerts, theatres, art galleries, and more. So maybe on your next visit, you can go see what new things are happening.

Driving Directions: Leaving Gordon Head Recreation Centre going to Camosun College Interurban Campus, follow Lambrick Way and Feltham Rd to Cedar Hill Rd. Then turn right on McKenzie Ave until Carey Rd where you’ll turn righ again. Veer off to Interurban Rd and stay on that road for about 1km and you’ll reach Interurban Campus

Move onto Royal Oak from here.

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