Mobilizing the Spine at Home Video Tutorial

Home Exercises to Help Mobilize Your Spinehome exercises to help mobilize your spine

I get asked a lot how to mobilize the spine at home. And of course the best way, in my opinion, to mobilize the spine is to get on that wobble chair and do your spine moulding. But if you’ve already done that and want to mobilize your spine some more, I’ll give you some quick exercises to do. You go to back up on this one though. You’re just going to put your feet on the ground about hip distance apart. And then, you’re going to lie on your back. Your arms are going to go out to the side in a T formation, and you’re just… We call these windshield wipers. You’re just going to move your knees side to side. I really like doing this over the low back foam or fulcrum, because it helps maintain a nice curvature on your low back. So nice and slow and easy, just to start mobilizing the mid to lower back.

Now, if you find this easy and you want a bit of a core workout, you can always raise your legs like this up to something we call tabletop. Your knees are at 90 degrees. And then, you can do the same thing. I like to try to keep my knees glued together. As they move to the left, I’m going to look over to the right and vice versa. I like to do this in a nice, smooth, continuous motion. Not only is it mobilizing my spine, but I’m also getting a core workout while I’m doing that. And that’s just a nice way to keep your spine moving.