Pro Lordotic Neck Exercise Tutorial

How to Use the Pro Lordotic for Neck Stretch Exercise

Lordosis is a large inward curve of the spine, leading to neck, back and shoulder pain. The Pro Lordotic neck stretch helps to restore strength and posture with the use of a prop (the Pro Lordotic or a strap or towel). It is a beneficial exercise to help improve / increase cervical curve, improve cervical posture and improve / increase cervical lordosis.



Pro lordotic Neck Exercises


Neck muscles, triceps

Step by Step Instructions

First Method

  1. Place strap behind the lowest part of your neck
  2. Tuck elbows in with hands facing outwards
  3. Push hands forward away from your body
  4. Tip your head back
  5. Hold for 3-5 seconds
  6. Bring head forward again and repeat

Second Method

  1. Follow steps 1-3
  2. Tip your head back and bring your right ear to your right shoulder
  3. Repeat on for the left side

Third Method

  1. Follow steps 1-3
  2. Tip your head back and gently look over your shoulder, creating a deep curve in your neck
  3. Repeat 10x for both sides


Tips / Common Mistakes

  • Keep your face relaxed to avoid too much tension in the neck muscles
  • Only tip your head back as far as is comfortable
  • Use a strap or a towel, whatever you have on hand

Only do as many reps as is comfortable, working your way up to 10 reps


[Transcript] So how you use this is you hold onto the handles. You put the strap behind your neck. You want to put this at the lowest part of your neck. Now, I like to have my elbows tucked in and my hands facing outwards. And all you do is as you bring your hands forwards like this, you tip your head back and you hold that for acount of three to five seconds. You come back, keeping your elbows in and I’ll do it from the side. Tip your head back, hold three to five seconds. That’s one way to use it. Pro lordotic to put a curve in your neck and strengthen the muscles in your neck.

Now, the next one is you’re going to tip your head back and bring your ear to your shoulder. Hold that for three to five seconds and repeat on the other side. Not only are you getting a really good neck workout, but your triceps really worked out, too. So again, from the side, tip your head back, bring your ear to your shoulder. And on the other side, tip your head back, ear to shoulder.

Third one I want to teach you is again, always tipping your head back to create a nice curve in your neck and just look over your shoulder. Let’s do that on the other side. And from a side view, it looks like this.

So I like to do 10 of these in a row one way, and then I’ll do 10 of these, where your ears going to your shoulder in a row. And then I like to go back and I look over my shoulder 10 times. And if you can’t do 10 times, it’s okay. Just start with a few, whatever you can start with. I don’t know many exercises that work out the neck like this. So don’t be discouraged if this is hard for you, but give it a try. And it’s really good again, to strengthen those neck muscles.