How To Do The Standing Posture Exercise

A Simple Exercise to Improve Posture


The standing posture exercise is a good way to “reset” your posture. When you notice that you’re standing or sitting slumped over, with a rounded back, neck and shoulders, try this simple exercise.

Also Known As

The Wall Stand Exercise




This standing exercise targets the back, neck, shoulders and hips.exercise to improve posture

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Standing against a flat wall, keep your arms by your sides.
  2. Flatten your entire body, from head to toes against the wall.
  3. With your head facing straight forward, push your body firmly against the wall.
  4. Increase the pressure and release.
  5. Start with 5 reps of that and work your way up to 20, then 100.

Tips/Common Mistakes

  • Keep your neck straight and drive the back of your head right into the wall.
  • Use as much pressure as you can to really flatten your whole body into the wall
  • Keep inhaling and exhaling to avoid tensing your other muscles.