Stir the Pot Exercise Tutorial

How to Do the Stirring the Pot Exercise

how to do stir the pot exerciseThe exercise ball is a really great tool that we can use to strengthen our abdominal muscles. Many of you might think of using the extra size ball like this. You lean back all the way and you do crunches this way. Okay. I see this at the gym all the time, and although this might work out your abdominal muscles, it’s not really going to be great to keep those three C-shaped curves in your spine. So a better way to use this ball is by stabilizing your core and doing something called stir the pot. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to put your elbows on the ball and try to maintain a really nice neutral spine and do small circles with the ball. And you can do those circles either way. And I’ll show you from the side what that might look like. So maintain a nice neutral spine and you can do circles either way. So, that’s a better way to use the exercise ball.