Quadra Area

Quadra is a popular neighborhood in Victoria, British Columbia. This part of town has many businesses including employment agencies, pre-schools, clothing stores, restaurants and more. Quadra Street is rich in color. There are many unique boutiques, bars, and cafes to check out – some with wicker furniture and evergreen plants…it’s like an oasis! Quadra features over 30 shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars. More here.

There are lots of attractions in the area including Quadra Village which is surrounded by parks and playgrounds. The area features restaurants, an event pavilion, kids’ play space, and more. There are various fun activities to do right at Quadra Street including Boulderhouse Climbing where you can take your kids to spend their time climbing colourful rocks. Also in the area is Topaz Park which has hiking trails and places to sit and relax for when you’re all tired out.

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Topaz Park

It’s the third-largest park in Victoria so you can imagine how huge it might be. You can head to Topaz Park to have a picnic, explore the hiking trails, take in some amazing views of Vancouver, rest outdoors and even bring your dog! There are also a few playgrounds that kids can play at. Since it’s conveniently located right inside the city, it provides a nice break from the workday.

What distinguishes Topaz Park from its surrounding green spaces are these beautiful boulders that stretch along amazing trails. The view is spectacular! If you’re a fan of sports and like to engage in fun and fit activities then Topaz Park has a lot of adventure waiting for you. It features four sports fields, a lacrosse box, and baseball diamonds, so you can have a good time with your friends and family.

There’s also a dog off-leash area that lets your four-footed furry friends have some fun as well! The park also has neat and clean washrooms for your convenience. And there’s a free fitness area where you can lift some weights or do some cardio surrounded by nature.

There are plenty of fun activities to engage in at Topaz Park and if you’re lucky, you may even come across an event or concert as the park is frequently used for such gatherings.

Driving Directions: From Topaz Park, get back on the Pat Bay Highway until you hit Finlayson St. Turn right and then another right on Quadra until you hit Caledonia Ave where you’ll turn left. Royal Althletic Park will be on your left hand side bordering Cook St.

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