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Posture Exercises Demystified: 5 Essential Moves for Better Alignment

Simple Exercises to Improve Posture Problems Caused by Technology Use Do you catch yourself spending mindless hours scrolling social media, thinking, "I have to start doing posture exercises soon"? What do you think made you come to that realization? Most…
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The Effects of Forward Neck and Head Posture on Your Body

Is Poor Posture Causing You Pain? Forward neck and head posture has become commonplace within modern-day living and working.  People are spending longer periods of time bending over a cell phone, tablet, or computer screen. While these…
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5 Stretches for Poor Posture

5 Stretches for Improving Poor Posture You Can Do at Your Desk Sitting on the job? Make time to stretch! Stretching can do much more than feel good and improve your flexibility – it can also improve your posture. You probably stretch…