7 stretches for runners

7 Recommended Stretches for Runners

You Can’t Out-run Leg and Back Pain, so Make Time to Stretch! At our chiropractic clinic in Victoria BC, we see a lot of patients who are runners. They have either just taken up running as part of a health and fitness regime and have wound…
stretches for better posture

5 Stretches for Poor Posture

5 Stretches for Improving Poor Posture You Can Do at Your Desk Sitting on the job? Make time to stretch! Stretching can do much more than feel good and improve your flexibility – it can also improve your posture. You probably stretch…
Five Stretches That Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

Five Stretches That Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

5 Great Lower Back Pain Stretches Low back pain is one of the most common reasons that people seek medical advice from their doctor.  It has been reported that 80% of the population will suffer from some sort of back pain in their lifetime. …