View Royal, British Columbia

With a population of 10,858 residents, View Royal is a town in the Greater Victoria Region. Since it is surrounded by water from two sides, there are a variety of travellers who visit this View Royal to explore its natural beauty. You will find a lot of sea-related activities such as kayaking, boating, and fishing here. And of course, since its almost surrounded by water, you’ll find many beaches and parks by the water including Portage Park and Helmcken Centennial Park. Homepage

There are various parks located near the View Royal area including the Portage Park with decent tracks for walking and running. Visit the West Shore Recreational Centre which offers a range of recreational facilities including skating, swimming and curling as well as a weight room.

View Royal Fire Department

The View Royal Fire Department has one of the fastest response times in the whole Victoria region. They’re also one of the oldest departments to operate in the View Royal area and are well-connected with the local citizens. The fire department keeps tight control over safety hazards in the area and ensures every resident and business is following the municipal codes to the letter. This is one of the reasons the View Royal Fire Department has such a shiny record.

However, they are not just there to deal with fires. They also hold educational meetings to provide the public with necessary fire prevention knowledge. They also assist with complex rescues whether on land or in the water, while also dealing with medical emergencies.

In an emergency, they typically send out the Fire and Rescue teams with at least one ambulance available for transporting victims to hospitals within twenty minutes from dispatch to the Victoria General Hospital.

The View Royal Fire Department is located on Island Hwy Rd, not far from the Fort Victoria RV Park.

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Driving Directions: From the View Royal Fire Department, head southeast on Island Hwy/BC-1A E until it changes into Craigflower Rd. Follow Craigflower Rd and it will change into Skinner St. From there, turn right onto Catherine Street and then take a left on Esquimalt Rd and you’ll arrive at the Vic West Skatepark in Victoria West.

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