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posture exercises

Posture Exercises Demystified: 5 Essential Moves for Better Alignment

Simple Exercises to Improve Posture Problems Caused by Technology Use Do you catch yourself spending mindless hours scrolling social media, thinking, "I have to start doing posture exercises soon"? What do you think made you come to that realization? Most…
sciatica nerve flossing

Sciatica Nerve Flossing – What, Why and How to Do It

A Patient’s Guide to Sciatic Nerve Flossing Sciatica nerve flossing is an exercise strategy that can help relieve sciatica pain. It works by stretching and mobilizing the sciatic nerve, which runs from your lower back down through your leg. This…

How To Do The YTW Exercise

Improve Your Posture With the Y T W Exercise The YTW exercise (or Y T W exercise) is the perfect place to start that exercise regime you've been meaning to get to. What is the YTW exercise you ask? The name for this exercise is very literal…