Baby Chiropractor for Healthy Babies

Exactly How Can a Baby or Pediatric Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic Care for Babies — We all know how delicate a baby is. Now imagine the stress of the birth process upon a tiny baby’s spine. Think about trying to squeeze through a tunnel in a contorted position for hours on end. That’s the birthing process for most of us, which, while completely natural, can put tremendous stress on a baby’s spine.  Any chiropractor will tell you that many of our adult spinal problems can start out at birth. A child’s health and the health of their spine are intimately related. It is well documented that even a so-called ‘normal’ birth places tremendous stress on a baby’s body and is the primary cause for misalignments in the spine that can put pressure on the nervous system.

A baby’s nervous system controls their amazing development and must be working its best. Babies were designed to be healthy and vital all of their life and misalignments in the spine limits the expression of life potential. The great news is that baby chiropractors like Dr. Stephanie Louie are specialists that correct the usually silent but debilitating misalignments.

You might be wondering how a chiropractor may be able to adjust a baby! I see many babies for wellness care in my office and it takes a different skill set to be able to adjust a baby’s developing spine. Have you ever gently pressed on a ripe tomato? Well, this is exactly how I adjust a baby! Their nervous systems are extremely delicate and only need a small amount of pressure to relieve any misalignments they may have in order to maximize their full potential of life.

If you’d like to come in for a visit and see how a pediatric chiropractor might be able to help your baby, contact us today!